Orionis Management - Governance Services to Investment Fund Managers & Undertakings in Collective Investments


Family Office expertise to Entrepreneurs & Family Businesses

Service Offering

Portfolio Consolidation

We provide our client a continuous supervision of their assets based on statements and valuation reports provided by the financial institutions and financial data bases for daily valuations.

  • Efficient reporting system : our IronLine software is flexible in terms of asset class categorisation and clear presentation of performance attribution. 
  • Production of income and capital gains generated each fiscal year. Those can be provided to accounting experts for the production of financial statements and tax returns
  • A thorough analysis of each position held in the portfolio which is then synthetised in a useful format for the preparation of your discussions with your asset managers or advisers. Ad hoc reports are prepared in advance before your visit to each asset manager. 
  • Tailored training sessions offered to the younger generation in terms of asset allocation, ESG considerations, selection of money managers, and other asset classes such as commodities and block-chain/crypto-currencies.

Orionis partners have a long and fruitful experience in portfolio management which lead them to spot quickly in advance the inefficient asset allocation and selected investments. 


Organisational Support

Thanks to our corporate governance activity, we are able to offer directorship or secretarial support in order to reinforce the objectivity in discussions between family members. We can provide our support in the preparation of the documentation for your board meetings and the production of their minutes and the execution of action points.

  • Construction of solid family charter: we help you identifying your goals, sharing the information between the family members.
  • Implementation of adequate internal control mechanisms (analytical surveillance of the family holding company, asset diversification and performance review, risk management, compliance, and internal audit functions)
  • Office availability in our premises giving access to the required technical infrastructure and human resources for your meetings you need to arrange in Luxembourg.
  • Provision of skilled staff specialised in asset management supervision, compliance and risk management for any type of request. 


We are regularly called to perform consulting services and to develop tailor-made solutions addressing all types of regulatory provisions, such as:

  • Remediation to identified gaps detected by internal / external auditors or by the Regulators
  • Independent review and selective or comprehensive update of your policies, procedures and charters
  • Before launching a new fund or sub-fund, complementary technical assistance for the submission of the authorisation file to the Regulators
  • Assistance in the filing of all types of notifications to the Regulators
  • Guidance in the preparation of your initial and periodic due diligences, as well as your ongoing monitoring on your delegates (central administration including registrar and transfer agent, investment managers, risk managers, internal auditors and other activities).
  • Contribution in the design and preparation of closing documents to be provided yearly to the Regulators.