Orionis Management - Governance Services to Investment Fund Managers & Undertakings in Collective Investments


Family Office expertise to Entrepreneurs & Family Businesses


  • Regulated PSF in Luxembourg
  • Acting as Family Office 
  • Under the Luxembourg Law of 21 December 2012 and Art. 28-6 of the Law of 5 April 1993
  • 8 years track record
  • 3 partners with very complementary skills

Our areas of expertise

  • Oversight of investment management
  • Oversight of risk management
  • Taylor-made reporting tools
  • Compliance
  • Oversight of service providers


  • Family office
  • Patrimonial and holding companies 
  • Foundations
  • Funds and special purpose vehicles 
  • Private Banks


  • Equities, Fixed-income and Cash  
  • Private equity 
  • Real estate
  • Commodities and other real assets 
  • Block-chain /crypto assets

There are three characteristics that are likely to be found in family investment groups which underpin their robustness and success. These are connections, values and long termism

Morten Bennedsen, INSEAD