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Internal Control

We are recognised for our professional contribution as internal control specialists (compliance including AML/CFT, risk management, and internal audit supervision).

As such, we are members of senior management bodies or we advise them in their permanent functions to:

  • Implement strategies and guiding principles for central administration and internal governance
  • Implement adequate internal control mechanisms (permanent risk management, compliance, and internal audit functions)
  • Make sure that the technical infrastructure and human resources are adequate, objective and independent with regards to the exercise of the activities of your company
  • Provide skilled staff specialised in compliance and risk management for interim missions

It is not simply a case of having a set of procedures and processes, nor is it just about having controls in place. Reliance on a poor control is often worse than having no control at all. It is key to have a clear understanding of the business and what can go wrong

Tony Rawlins